College of Comprehensive Psychology, Associate Professor

Education and Professional Career

Finished Ph.D. program without dissertation, Graduate School for Letters, Ritsumeikan University.
Guest Researcher. Ritsumeikan University Kinugasa Research Org.

Field of Specialization, Area of Research

Applied Behavior Analysis
Science for Human Services

Research Achievements

Academic papers

  • NAKASHIKA Naoki, MOCHIZUKI Akira, ASANO Hiroshi, SATO Tatsuya, YOSHIOKA Masako, TERASAKI Sachiko, KIDO Ayae, HOTTA Masaki and INOUE Manabu Continuous Supports for Persons with Disabilities. Japanese Association of Science for Human Services The Third Annual Meeting," 2011.
  • NAKASHIKA Naoki, KUWAHARA Masanobu and SAEKI Daisuke, Introduction to the Experiments of Behavior Analysis: Learning Programming Behavioral Experiments via Visual Basic, Nakanishiya Shuppan, Japan, KYOTO, 2011.


  • Theme 3: Research on Escorted Support for Inclusive Society (2013/04-2016/03)
  • 1) Ritsumeikan Global Innovation Research Organization. (2010-):Learner’s Science as an Application of Science for Human Services
  • 2) A Comprehensive and Proactive Simulation of an Inclusive Community: Creating a Sustainable Model of Collaborative Services Using the University as a Core Resource.(2010-2012)


Pick up

translational studies for inclusive society






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